Ken Benjamin


Thanks for stopping by. This site is run by Ken Benjamin and offers a place to follow and engage with the key themes during my time as Vice President and President of Baptists Together which include looking at Whole-Life Discipleship and Missional Communities.  The best ways to keep up do date are to regularly visit the News and Blog Posts Page and to follow me on Facebook or Twitter. Views my own unless stated otherwise.


Whole life Discipleship

I am an Associate Speaker for LICC (The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity Their message is that all Christians should go into their everyday ‘Frontline’ world confident that God can work through them. This fits really well in a Baptist context with our high emphasis on the priesthood of all believers.  Whatever we seek to do as churches, whatever events we put on, or new initiatives we introduce, they will always fall short of their potential unless the individual followers of Jesus in our churches are equipped and confident as His representatives.  We will never get anywhere until we equip our people for their 'everywhere' - wherever they find themselves throughout the week.


Missional Communities / Alternative Gatherings

The times that we live in call for churches to think beyond our existing patterns and programmes in imaginative and creative ways. A growing number of Baptist Churches are exploring and trying different ways of gathering and reaching out. In my own church we call these 'Alternative Gatherings'  I hope to develop ways to share ideas and seek to encourage any churches who are looking to explore new and additional ways of gathering.


Baptists Together

My main role as Vice President and then President of the Baptist Union of Great Britain is to act as a communicator and facilitator of our Union’s vision and mission. It is a great privilege to have the opportunity to travel around our Union, engaging with local churches, regional Associations and Colleges. I am committed to four themes, which were identified as key at March 2018 Baptist Council:

1 Pioneering and planting
2 Equipping the local church for mission
3 Investing in Godly leaders
4 Enabling Baptist voices in the public square



My theme and logo

The pointer/question mark logo is designed to encourage churches to prayerfully ask, 'where are we right now?' and 'what are the best directions to take from here?'

Where do we grow from here - greenhouse.JPG

Why the 'Where do we grow from here' theme?

As a group of Baptist Churches in Great Britain, this is a needed and healthy question. Firstly, to ask as prayer to our Father, then to ask of each one of us as individual followers and finally to ask of our churches.