So here's what we really need ...

I hope and pray that a significant number of our churches will want to join the story, particularly with regard to whole-life discipleship, but what does joining the story look like?

 At least one of the following 5 things:

1.    An agreed emphasis/push on the whole-life discipleship agenda throughout our messages, meetings and prayers in the next 12-18 months. Looking for opportunities to encourage and equip our  people for their 'Frontline' (the place where they spend the majority of their time outside the church and are in contact with those who are not yet Christians).

This doesn’t particularly mean preaching a one-off sermon series entitled ‘Whole-life Discipleship’, or necessarily having whole-life agenda items in meetings and prayer times (these things might be right sometimes) but it much more implies specifically looking for and using natural opportunities, to bring the whole-life discipleship message to the fore within our existing teaching programme and meetings. 

If we believe that equipping our people for their Frontline is a key foundation in answering the question, ‘Where do we grow from here?’, then it will be exciting to see what good news stories grow from a significant number of our churches agreeing to specifically work at this together.

2.    Including a ‘new to you’ resource/element   - such as This Time Tomorrow, Life on the Frontline, Fruitfulness on the FrontlineWhole-life WorshipWhole-life Preaching. There’s a growing range of brilliant resources from LICC to help give the whole-life discipleship message some extra energy and drive within your Sunday services, teaching programmes and small groups.

3.    Join an LICC Hub, invite an LICC speaker.  Both of these options provide a  great way to meaningfully take the whole-life discipleship agenda forward in our churches.

4.    Use and engage with the whole-life discipleship stories / ideas and thoughts from the News and Blog Posts pages of this site which will have regular general and current whole-life discipleship stories related to the time of year, e.g. a Christmas whole-life message emphasis, the news, stories from people from Baptist Churches out on their Frontline.  

A key way to commit to the ‘where do we grow from here?’ theme and join in the story will be to regularly visit the News and Blog Posts pages of this website and look for current posts and ideas. My Facebook and Twitter pages will also have regular updates.

5.    Contribute to the stories / ideas / thoughts on the website. 

When you have a good idea, a newsworthy thought, related to the title question ‘Where do we grow from here?’ or whole-life discipleship please use the contact us section and share it. I will look to publish some of these in the news/blog section.

A vital element towards answering  ‘Where do we grow from here?’, will surely be sharing good news stories that have worked.


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