One-off Frontline Encounters

One-off Frontline Encounters

Very often we don’t get to see the impact of our one off Frontline encounters. 

Just occasionally we do. I heard a great example this week from someone I’ll call ‘Mary’.

Mary was a black cab taxi driver.

One night she picked up passenger even though as soon as she did so she suspected, this was a journey she probably wasn’t going to get paid for. 

She was right. 

As an experienced taxi driver Mary could sense these things.

As a Christian, on this occasion, she felt she should accept the passenger anyway.

So Mary drove the passenger, spoke kindly to him, didn’t get paid by him and duly forgot all about him.

Some years later…

Mary was still a cab driver, but working for a different company and received a booking for a passenger she didn’t recognise but he recognised her as soon as he saw her.

‘Years ago you, you gave me a lift, and you saved my life!’

Mary was understandably astonished. She knew he had no money but she didn’t know he had no hope.

‘On that day when you gave me ride home for free. You helped me at a time when it seemed as though everything had gone wrong. My girlfriend had left me and then at the point that you picked me up my wallet and phone had just been stolen. I had planned to go home and take my own life that night.  At the point, when I was most vulnerable you spoke sense to me and your words saved my life.’

Mary can’t remember her words at all. 

She did what she did because her faith told her it was the right thing to do but she also did more than that.

Mary worked with a generous faith filled heart and that made all the difference in the world.

The race set before us

The race set before us