Prayers for when your Frontline is family

Prayers for when your Frontline is family

I’ve had a number of conversations recently about the extra challenges that are faced, when your Frontline is family.  

If the people you spend most time with in your week, who don’t yet share your faith in Jesus, are your parents or children or siblings or your husband or your wife then, then there are undoubtedly extra challenges. 

Of course many of the same principles for being a Christ-like ambassador on any Frontline still apply. The 6M’s for example can all be applied to family Frontlines 

But there are differences when your Frontline is family – the hours are different, the conversations are different and sometimes the level of hope is different too. It can be particularly hard to maintain hope for change for someone you are so close to and when there are well-established ‘agree to disagree’ positions which have been held for many years between you. 

So what can we do? I’m starting here with prayer: 

Firstly, I am big believer in ‘borrowing’ the faithful prayers of others in these circumstances. Very often, it is hard to have faith for something which affects us so closely but other Christian friends can stand alongside us and pray supporting us. You may want to challenge me on the theology of this, but if ‘Margaret’ or ‘Mark’ in my church are praying for something which I am so very close to and am beginning to lose hope for, it is sometimes easier for me to pray, “Lord, please answer Margaret’s prayer”! 

Secondly we, of course should pray ourselves but sometimes it is hard to know just what to pray. I have listed below ten specific prayers we can pray for these loved ones. Each with a biblical principle or precedent. There is no magic formula here but sometimes it is easier to pray with some prayer keys. I hope this list is helpful to some: 

Frontline Family Prayers 

1.    Prompts and Goads – Acts 26:14 - In the same way that long before Saul converted he was being goaded may they be being provoked and prompted towards you in ways yet to be seen or acknowledged.

2.    Second chance – Hebrews 8:12  - In the same way that we all need our sins to be forgiven and forgotten may they know that a second chance is always needed and available.

3.    Someone in their path – John 1:41 – In the same way that Andrew points Simon to Jesus may there be your people they encounter who point them to you.

4.    Wisdom – right words and no words – James 1:19 – In the same way that James talks about being quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, may we have the wisdom not only find the right words but know the times to choose to stay silent.

5.    Soften hearts – Ezekiel 36:26 – In the same way that you Lord have softened the hearts of others, may you do this for our loved one.

6.    Renewed hope –  Isaiah 40:31 – In the same way that those who hope in you Lord renew their strength may we be freshly encouraged to keep seeking you for the answers we long for.

7.    Come to senses – Luke 15:17 – In the same way that the Prodigal Son comes to his senses, may they see the gaps and emptiness in their life without you.

8.    God given insight – Matthew 16:17 – In the same way that Peter has insight directly revealed by you, may they experience a direct prompting from you, Lord.

9.    He will watch over – Psalm 121:5 -  In the same way that the Psalmist talks about the Lord watching over us, please watch over them even whilst they don’t yet turn to you.

10. Cast cares on Him – Psalm 55:22 – In the same way that David invites us to cast our concerns on you – we appeal to you for things that worry us, right now, for our loved one.


Whatever your job is today, treat it as a caring profession

Whatever your job is today, treat it as a caring profession