Prayerfully Recalibrate

Prayerfully Recalibrate

18 months ago we were seeking particular guidance in our church about a particular new plan and, for various reasons the outcome we thought that we were being led to, the guidance we sensed we discerned all had to be questioned because we got a clear unambiguous ‘no’ on a key component of the plan at a time when we needed a clear unambiguous ‘yes’. 

As church leaders, we coined a phrase at that time – what we needed to do was “Prayerfully Recalibrate’. 

To recalibrate can be to :

1.make small changes to an instrument so that it measures accurately or points accurately  again


2. to change the way you do or think about something 

Prayer can do both things – To mix my metaphors prayer points our thinking back to ‘True North’ or prayer helps restore us to factory settings and enables us to change the way we think about things. 

The first and main thing I am asking churches to consider doing with my theme ‘Where do we grow from here?’ is to use this question as a starting point prayer. 

When we do so may our God – prayerfully recalibrate us all. 

Prayer does more than recalibrate though. 

When we pray – we pray to the one who holds the keys and knows the keys.  

Our God holds the keys to open doors which are not open to us through our skills and efforts alone and he knows the keys – which is to say - he knows which things will be key for us to consider and emphasise for each season. 

The temptation, with just a year as President and already 10 days gone is to hit the ground running and to call on others to do the same – but that would be foolish. We need to hit the ground kneeling – will you join me? 

18 months on – those prayers for guidance for my church have been answered in the most remarkable way. Actually he opened a door that had been closed. He turned a ‘no’ into a ‘yes’.  

His timing was different to ours and we needed to prayerfully recalibrate.

Time for a count up!

Time for a count up!

My theme for the year

My theme for the year