Two really helpful new LICC resources

Two really helpful new LICC resources

There are two new resources out from LICC this week. I thoroughly recommend both of them. Using either or both of them would be an excellent way to start to take seriously the second part of the challenge/invitation I’m giving this year as President of Baptists Together: 

Who will look to emphasise the whole-life discipleship message in some way this year? 

 Frontline Sundays provides five service plans with companion short films, sermon notes, activities, small group studies, and giveaways. I have been able to give a sneak preview of this resource to church leaders over the last month and it has been extremely well received.

The video clips themselves are brilliant and useable in a variety of contexts. 

Whilst this resource works across all churches and denominations. LICC’s message that all Christians should go confidently into their ‘Frontline’ knowing God can use them,  particularly fits our Baptist emphasis on the priesthood of all believers and I believe holds vital keys for our denomination at this time. 

Scattered and Gathered: Equipping Disciples for the Frontline by Neil Hudson is a really helpful new book. Having read an advanced copy earlier this year. I genuinely value and recommend it.

I lent the book, with Neil’s permission, to a friend training for ministry and she rated it as one of the key formative books to resonate deeply at this stage in her training. She particularly appreciated Neil’s approach to Biblical story telling and the practical applications with the phrase he uses throughout …‘sometimes it looks like this..’ 

My comments back to Neil found their way into the inside pages so I’ll repeat them here so that you know my personal view as well: 

‘In looking for a new book to take the whole-life discipleship agenda forward, and keep it to the fore, I have a tick-list of things that I would look for. I would want:-

·     Biblical examples and insights,

·     Real-life stories and applications, 

·     Practical suggestions and lessons learnt when putting them into practice 

·     and, ideally,  I would want all these things to come from someone who I know is actively applying them in their own church context. 

Neil Hudson’s ‘Scattered and Gathered’ ticks all these boxes for me. 

I can see ‘Scattered and Gathered’ being helpful for individual church pastors and leaders, leadership teams, groups of churches working together and even for whole denominations that are seeking to take the whole-life discipleship message forward and I recommend it for all these contexts.’


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